Monday, September 28, 2009

My dream job....

If money was no object, my dream job would be to be a Death Row Counseller.

Why I hear you ask?

Because I firmly believe that no one should die alone.

Most people would be like 'Oh let him swing!!!' But I can't think that... no one should die alone. No one should be alone when they die. No one should be in a room filled with eyes that hate you and condemn you when you die.

Basically, I believe the Death Penalty is disgusting and morally and ethically wrong.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time and Grief....

So they say that with time grief gets easier... but I think in some cases it just gets harder. You never get over it, only get used to it. How can you forget someone or something that had such a impact on your life?!?! Simple answer is: YOU CANT!!!
To those I miss, know that I love you now and forever and you'll always be with me in my heart.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't b*tch to me about working...

Okay so I was made redundant from my last place of employment and at the moment, looking for a new job is really difficult.

I found out just now that I got rejected from another interview. So I'm a little annoyed and grumpy... and even had a tear. Getting rejected from jobs is really hard.

So when people say 'Oh my work sucks, I hate it', I feel like saying to them 'Be pleased you have a job and are not in my situation'. It makes me really angry when people complain about having to go to work. I wish I was working at the moment. Some people just seem so ungrateful I swear.

Likes and Dislikes...

A few of my likes and dislikes:

Tattoos, body piercing, strong coffee, Chanel perfume, painted toenails esp. in various shades of red, pale skin, red lipstick, dark eye make-up, catching up with friends, studded belts, black and white photography, sleeping in & sleep in general, hot showers, chocolate, licorice, laying in bed with a good book, fluffy pillows, the colour red, old school pin up girls, short hair styles, never failing to laugh at Russell Brand, Brandy and Orange, good books, shopping esp. by myself, red clothing, photos from the past, beautiful flowers such as lillies/roses/orchids, skulls esp. Day of the Dead skulls, thunderstorms and lightening

Spiders and bugs, people who like to judge other people, rudeness, people who like to walk slow in front of me, intolerant people, crowds and large amounts of people, liers, cheaters, game players, being messed around, people who look down on other people, getting caught in the rain, train and problems with public transport, internet problems, hot humid weather and really cold weather

Tis only outside decoration...

Okay, so this will be my first blog on here LOL Thought I'd open a blog just to put my feelings to 'paper' as such... this turns out to be quicker as I'm faster at typing than writing.

Okay... so this post will be about some of the reasons as to why I choose to be tattooed and pierced. And why I choose to be the way I am.

So I'm a little over seeing pictures of girls in magazines that are the 'Hollywood' definition of beauty. Beauty does not come in one shape and size, it comes in many.
I'm different to a lot of other girls and this is something I'm proud of. Very proud of actually. I admire women who don't fall into the typical category of what society perceives as beautiful. I look up to women who are not the regular definition of Hollywood Beauty. I like women who stand out from the crowd.

If I had to name my top 5 most beautiful women, I'd choose:
~ Dita Von Teese
~ Marilyn Munroe

~ Kat Von D
~ Sabina Kelly
~ Kate Winslet

Also add: the girls from LA Ink, Ruby Rose, Rachel Weisz, Anna Hathaway... all incredibly beautiful women.

I consider my tattoos and body piercings as just outside decoration... they don't stop me from being myself and people should not judge me because of them. It really irritates me when people think 'Ohh she has tattoos and piercings... she must be some kind of trouble...' People are so quick to judge people based on their looks, and this is really sad.

That's all for now...