Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some of my favs...

I thought I'd post some of my favourite Facebook Status Updates:

Sometimes the hardest thing is saying goodbye, but than one of the best things is being able to say hello again...

Sometimes understanding is the best thing you can offer...

I will never be one of the so called 'beautiful' girls, I'm my own kind of beauty and do things my way and set my own rules and standards and if people dont like that, well my answer to that is 'there is the door if you dont like it, be sure to close it on your way out!'

Yes, I want a Volvo for my first car...

Yes, you read it correctly... I want a Volvo for my first car! I would love to get a C30 for my first car, but I'll settle for one of them later on :) I really do not care if people will laugh, I do what I want, and if people do not like it, well... tough luck!

The funny thing is people will see this beautiful Volvo and think some gorgeous business executive owns it... and then out comes this hot and sexy girl with tattoos and piercings etc and drives away in it!

Thinking Gunmetal Grey...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tattoos and Body Piercings.... A guide to what I have and to what I want....

Okay, so Id thought I make a current listing to what tattoos and body piercings I currently have as of December 6th 2009.

Piercings x 6
One hole in each ear lobe
Right Tragus
Belly Button
Two Microdermal piercings in my sternum where I used to have my sternum surface piercing. The Microdermals are covering the scar. And they look heaps better than my surface piercing ever did.

Tattoos x 5
Left side of ribs, just under my arm pit - Scorpio M with 7 stars
Back of neck - three small lovehearts
Inside of right wrist - two letters and one number
Right calf - 3 lillies with leaves and swirls
Lower back - a quote from my favourite book

It's funny... I feel my most comfortable around the tattoo shop and piercing shop.

As for what I want...

Microdermal in my right ring finger

Day-of-the-dead skulls - a boy on one thigh and a girl on one thigh. Full colour. These will be my first colour tattoos and Im super excited. With the addition of blood red roses above the top of the skulls and petals underneath. These will be on the front of my thighs - so the roses above will be going up towards the front of my hip and the petals underneath will be falling towards my knee.
A bunch or Orchids on my left calf to match with my lillies on my right calf. These will be done in black and grey too.
Both sleeves 

People say to me why do I want the Day-of-the-Dead Skulls and Ive always known why I want them, just not been able to word it properly.

So finally the reason came to me in perfect wording tonight...

It's to do with my belief in true love... what's beautiful in life, is beautiful in death. A true love never dies. Just because someone (or the couple) have passed away, does not mean their love has passed away with them.

It's also to show people that what they may perceive as being ugly can be quite beautiful.