Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best way to describe my style..

one word: different or unique. My style does vary - some days Ill dress it up more, some days more feminine, some days more tomboyish... all depends on my mood, where I am going, weather, who I am seeing, what I am doing etc 

I do like to wear a lot of black, studded belt if my pants allow it (some of my pants the belt doesnt sit too well so I dont wear it), black eyeliner pretty much everyday, red toenail polish pretty much every day of the year and most of all I think it's important one is comfortable no matter what they are wearing.

A tattooed girls favourite beauty products...

Okay so those of us who adorn our canvas with pretty ink, know that during the healing process, one has to treat her new piece of artwork with a lil extra TLC. I like to use a anti-bacterial soap on the new tattoo while *gently* washing with my hands - no loofahs or body mitts until it's fully healed, and a generous application of Bepanthen cream a couple of times throughout the day. Healing time is approx 2 weeks, so I use the anti-bacterial soap and Bapanthen for 2 weeks. And no scratching either, this is vital... I know the desire to scratch will be one that could make you climb the walls, but you have to leave it alone. Slapping will help, it may look a bit silly, but trust me, it provides relief LOL

Bapathen is seriously heaven to freshly tattooed skin and it works wonders. I love the stuff... and I even love the smell of it LOL It even works wonders as a lip cream for chapped lips.

Oh and when healing is all done, dont forget to protect your new piece of artwork with SPF... the sun is their worst enemy. 

Some of favourite sunscreens at the moment include:

Banana Boat Powder Dri Sensitive SPF30+
Auscreeen SPF30+ Lotion

As for some of my other favourite beauty products, here goes:
~ Palmers Cocoa Butter - either the lotion in the pump bottle, the concentrated cream in the tube or the cream in the tub
~ Lucas Papaw Ointment
~ EGO QV Gentle Wash in Re-Hydrate
~ Megan Gale Invisible Zinc 12% Glycolic Cleanser, Megan Gale Invisible Zinc ESP SPF 30+, Simple Soothing Toner, Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, Alpha H Microcleanse, Alpha H Age Delay 
~ Perfume... well I'm a bit of a snob to tell the truth and like to wear pretty much only Chanel as that lasts the longest on my skin. So far I've got 5 bottles and counting. I've got Allure, Allure Sensuelle EDP, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle & Chance
~ Orly Bonder Rubberised Basecoat, Orly Wont Chip Topcoat, OPI O'Hare & Nails Look Great, Essie After Sex. The OPI & Essie are the two shades of red that I use the most on my toenails. I've got two others shades of red, both by OPI that I sometimes use as well - they are Double Decker Red and I'm Not Really A Waitress. 
~ Schwarzkopf Osis+ Thrill Fibre Gum

Any more that come to my mind, I'll add laters... 

Friday, February 5, 2010

I've been told...

that I look like Rachel Weisz. Absolutely stunning women I think - beautiful pale skin, big brown eyes, dark hair.

I will take it as a compliment if I get told I look like Rachel Weisz. Only thing is I dont have the beautiful English accent she has... oh well maybe one day... 

Monday, February 1, 2010

So I came across...

this picture of Sabina Kelley and thought I just had to share it. Looking at this beautiful picture of Sabina, she shows you don't have the 'normal' definition of beautiful to be considered beautiful.

Take a look and see for yourself...