Thursday, September 24, 2009

Likes and Dislikes...

A few of my likes and dislikes:

Tattoos, body piercing, strong coffee, Chanel perfume, painted toenails esp. in various shades of red, pale skin, red lipstick, dark eye make-up, catching up with friends, studded belts, black and white photography, sleeping in & sleep in general, hot showers, chocolate, licorice, laying in bed with a good book, fluffy pillows, the colour red, old school pin up girls, short hair styles, never failing to laugh at Russell Brand, Brandy and Orange, good books, shopping esp. by myself, red clothing, photos from the past, beautiful flowers such as lillies/roses/orchids, skulls esp. Day of the Dead skulls, thunderstorms and lightening

Spiders and bugs, people who like to judge other people, rudeness, people who like to walk slow in front of me, intolerant people, crowds and large amounts of people, liers, cheaters, game players, being messed around, people who look down on other people, getting caught in the rain, train and problems with public transport, internet problems, hot humid weather and really cold weather


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